We help you obtain critical overview and decision data after damages to infrastructure systems. Through our short response time we are able to contribute to a quicker decision-making process for your organization.


The Norwegian topography and its geographical location causes the country to annually have challenges within Natural danger, Infrastructure, Flooding and Avalanches/landslides (NIFA).
Recently, drones have proven themselves to be a very useful tool within these areas when such situations occur, and obtaining good data for making decisions in a short amount of time is crucial.


When the amount of precipitation causes lakes and rivers to flood, it might be hard to make your way through the terrain.
In these cases, drones will be a quick and efficient tool for aid and rescue personnel by functioning as mobile eyes from the air.


Development, reconstruction or damages to the road systems? We are able to help with our drone mapping and surveying services as well as visual documentation in advance, during and after the project.
Our data are well suited as project documentation and basis for the work of project managers and construction workers.

Railroad network

By using drones for mapping damages to the railroad networks after natural events, you are quickly able to get an overview and get an idea of the extent.
This may help speed up the decision-making process for getting the railroad network back to normal operation.


Both before and after the avalanche, drones may secure important information for geologists, preparedness officer and rescue personnel. If the avalanche has occurred, there is a great probability that the infrastructure in the area is damaged and that personnel may be missing. Quick access to the area may then be difficult and risky.
By using drones, you are able to obtain critical information while doing a systematic search for missing personnel in an efficient manner, through for example thermocameras.


Cleaning up after a landslide may be extensive work.
By using drones for volume and mass calculations as well as for overview documentation, you are quickly able to estimate the extent and the resources necessary for getting the infrastructure back to normal.

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