Our operators use drones as an inspection tool. In addition to being cost efficient, this is also an
efficient and secure tool.


We inspect bridges in a simple and systematic manner.
This makes it easy to obtain an overview over surfaces and constructions.
With our systems you can easily detect abrasion and surface damages at an early stage, and do a thorough study of the areas of major interest.


Before initiating work on towers, there is most often an assessment and planning stage.
We take high-resolution photographs, which make it possible to discover even the smallest damage/detail, so that the correct decisions may be made early.

Power lines

Make a thorough assessment of the state of the power lines before climbers are involved.
We use equipment that makes it easy to inspect both above and below constructions. Our drone systems also allow efficient thermography.

Thermography / IR

Our drone systems have IR cameras in order to discover heat losses from for example roofs, facades and other constructions.
IR cameras are also well-suited for power lines and insulators.


Hard to reach?
Expensive climbing teams?
Start using drones when inspecting masts.


By using drones as an inspection tool, you easily get an overview over abrasion and damages around and along the entire chimney.


Efficient inspection and mapping of blades and windmill construction.


Get a good overview over large and small areas quickly and efficiently.
Works perfectly in places that are hard to reach.

Constructions and facades

We provide you with good inspection materials for assessing the condition of the facades of larger constructions, which may be difficult to reach at height. Detail images and videos from drones is a perfect combination with thermography in order to discover unwanted conditions at height.

Water reservoirs

Our systems have a long reach, which is well-suited for carrying out inspections or other data collection of large water reservoirs.

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If you want to know more about our inspection services, please contact:

Robert Sæter
General Manager
TEL: 90 18 21 48


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Moseidveien 1

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(+47) 90 18 21 48