Large areas, or areas where it might be risky to move with traditional surveying methods, are ideal for drone surveying. Our systems are able to deliver highly accurate point clouds through photogrammetry.


Drone photogrammetry is well suited as a surveying tool within infrastructure projects such as road constructions, power line development, railroad networks and in cases of natural damage etc.
Here we are able to deliver accurate 3D terrain models, ortophoto, DEM models and we perform volume and mass calculations.
This provides a rich range of overview and condition data.


Quarry surveying is carried out regularly. In addition to giving a highly accurate and detailed model, flying drones enable you to perform the job very safely and efficiently. By using our services you avoid the risk of surveyors climbing in piles of rocks and get close to the quarry edges.

Emergency stockpile

Do you want a quick overview over your stockpile?
By using drones as a data collection tool you will quickly get the necessary overview over fully produced goods.
We fly above the area and generate an accurate point cloud based on the underlying data. The collected data may for example be used in connection with annual reports and revision.


How can drones make agriculture more efficient and environmentally friendly?
By using close IR or NDVI you can quickly get an overview over which parts of the crop may need spraying, fertilizing or watering. Problem areas appear yellow/red, while healthy plants reflect green.

3D terrain modelling

After carrying out a photogrammetry flight, you will possess a multitude of data that can be utilized in various ways. 3D visualization of the terrain enables you to move freely in the terrain; this is different from for example video, where you are locked to the flight path.
Even if the data collection has been done from a 120-metre flight height, you will be able to descend to ground level and twist and turn the model. This may be useful at the planning stage of larger development projects, or for example as progress documentation.

3D construction modelling

3D modelling of objects is also possible with a similar technique as when flying over terrain. 3D modelling of buildings may for example be used for documentation or as a basis for architects when expanding/changing facades and constructions.
3D modelling of objects is expected to be more and more widespread as the platforms for viewing this type of material are more accessible.


By ensuring good overview photos/orthophotos you will be able to easily analyze the landscape and the surrounding areas. By comparing images and survey data from the area in question, you can more easily reconstruct what the location has looked like previously.
This will be quite useful from an archeological point of view, as you are able to better understand the settlement and utilization of the landscape with such a tool.

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